Monday, January 21, 2019

Christmas Break 2018

Well, I am a good year and a half behind my blog. Insert disappointed face here. But, what can I say? Keeping it real here, having my man in the thick of residency with 4 little ones is the hardest time of our lives. He is at the peak of stress and exhaustion and on and off depression/anxiety; and simultaneously, I am like a chicken running around with my head cut off! I am not as stressed as he is or in the same way [him being yelled at and operating on people and seeing people on the brink of death on the regular--and even watching someone die before your eyes :( ] BUT, I am raising 4 kids what sometimes what feels like alone. No sob story here, I totally am grateful for it all and I really am not really and my man in reality helps me a ton, especially considering how much is overflowing on his plate...but, I am trying to paint an adequate excuse for myself for being so far behind on blogging and journaling which I absolutely love. Did it work? I think so. I feel justified and rightfully excused for a year and a half behind on the blog-check. lol. Now, I'm just going to start where we are at so I can get some fulfillment and keep myself encouraged. I got distracted by life and started a public blog....well, I closed that blog down and I'm back to what I am passionate about-documenting my life and savoring memories.

So here was a review of our amazing Christmas holiday at home in San Antonio. We were blessed to have my parents and Russy come visit us. It was a blast. We've never had family here ON Christmas before so it was a complete treat.

To kick it off, here we are at Corpus Christi 3 days before Christmas. It was a tad chilly--I believe 78, but with strong wind which made it feel more like 69, but it was absolutely relaxing and beautiful. Russy and Dad read books, Brade swam {my Moana man never discriminates against the temperature}, and we all chatted and snacked. It was a fun change of pace around the holidays-just to sit and relax instead of hurrying and rushing....until we got back that is ;)-Then we had to make up for lost time and figure out Christmas Eve dinner like mad women. ;) But Saturday, it was relaxing and slow going....until we had the horrible, horrific experience hitting a dog on the freeway on the way back. :'( It was horrible and there was no way around it. Mom, Dad, Russy, and Brightyn were following us in Bud and Char's car immediately behind us. We slammed on our breaks and the dog just kept confidently and slowly walking which made us hit it head on going about 60 [slammed and slowed down from 75 mph] It was went under our car and then under Bud and Charlotte's car they were driving. Sigh. Mom and Dad said they thought we were having a blow out because of the slam {which caused them to slam} and then seeing something happen under the car....that is until it kept coming under their car and then they quickly realized just what was happening.

I comforted Braden and Jack by saying he went straight to heaven and definitely had a quick death. It was a probably 60-70 lb dog. Oh so sad.  I was the comforter so I actually never had time to feel sad because I was trying to make Braden feel better {the dog lover of dog lovers}. I'm just so grateful we didn't crash and roll the car swerving so fast. I'm sure if I were driving I would have accidentally had a car wreck trying to swerve. He did the right thing....still horrible, but yes.... all dogs go to heaven. Bless you doggy.

Back to the happy stuff....

Beach pics first::

Basking weather :) 

Post Sunday pictures

We attempted Sunday pictures with OVERTIRED post-beach kiddos...

Notice Mom has a slight sunburn. Her and Russy got a little pink, but then it turned tan. Gotta love Texas winters. :)

 I have about 10 others similar to this and someone is always doing something. Jack goofball, Porter looks like he's about to pass out, Ollie doesn't

Movie night Christmas Eve

--I read Polar Express and then we watched it. Traditions.

As you can see, we are TOTAL party animals. ;) ha ha ha..... This is what 4 kids do to you and the Christmas rush there at the end. ;)

Double date on the Riverwalk


Don't worry, despite Dad's unpleasant face he had a good time and does love us. This is his "I have a broken teeth" smile. ;)

We barely missed the lights on the riverwalk 2 years ago and so this time we were bound and determined NOT to miss them and squeeze this double date in no matter the complication or time. We ate a late dinner right after I had my amazing flautist friend {she is amazing} and bestie {Melissa} perform a song for my parents for one of their "days of Christmas" the kids and I did for them when they were here.  We took them to Bubba Gump Shrimp...correction: they took us there ;) {thank you Mom+Dad} and it did not disappoint. Yummy shrimp and one of a kind atmosphere. Very fun!

As mentioned before, we did I believe 6 days of Christmas for Mom and Dad when they were here and we got them cookies and hot chocolate from my friend's bakery, the kids performed "Grateful" for them, I sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" {mostly because I felt bad I wasn't performing anything the Sunday they were here and I know they love seeing me and they HAD to hear my amazing friend on the flute}, Brightyn played her recital songs for them, the kids drew them MANY drawings we saved to give them-Texas pride pics, etc, and hopefully they felt loved in the process.

School Festivities

All the 1st graders had a small Christmas program and sang 3 Christmas songs. It was so cute and Jack was very excited to have Grandma, Grandpa, Porter, Ollie, Mom, and DAD there. His biggest reaction was seeing Daddy walk in late. He was singing and I saw his mouth drop and look right at him. It truly was shocking to see him there at a day performance at school. Bless him being on a rotation with good hours during Christmas this year.

Class party with Brightyn-Grandma even promised to come and came at the crack of dawn-I was TOTALLY impressed. As in, we left at 8:30 a.m. Way to go Grandma!


Christmas was truly magical this year. This year I got all my shopping {minus stockings of course} done by the end of November and I had them wrapped except maybe 2. It was the first time to have family here on Christmas and that was pretty dang special for all us.

We're pretending these our Christmas, but this is really when we decorated the Christmas tree this year in preparation for Christmas. I had to document the cute jammies Mrs.Claus left us the day after Thanksgiving for being extra good this year. :) {first time ever}

This and That Pics

When in doubt, go to Torchy's! Russy was a big fan [he loooooved it] and of course Mom too {always}.
Grandpa got the kids a golf set to share. Then we went to the park on a brisk day and he gave them some pointers. Jack was THRILLED, Brightyn.....she liked the idea-but was not quite in the mood at the time. ha! 
Oh my stars, this cracks me RIGHT the heck up looking at Dad's face. He had me swear I wouldn't put this anywhere....lucky for him, I only publicize this blog to family now to catch up on my life AND I saw Mom post it to fam, so I think this is still ok. That expression is cracking me up! He was a good sport and participated in my "facemark Friday" personal tradition. Love it! He put it on and completely forgot to do his nose and we joked that his face was going to be 25 and his nose was going to be 65. Ha! We made him put it on his nose just in case. :) 

On that note, we watched MANY movies every night after kids were in bed and had adult time. We also played Psyche with them on our phones and Russy LOVED it. So many fun memories. 

Love this picture of my cutie baby and my Handsome Daddy!

Brightyn had fun playing out of her new Christmas book with Grandma. 

Gingerbread house time, don't let the pictures fool you! There were tears and it wouldn't stand up and then we resorted to good 'ol graham crackers. lol. Let it be known we had THE most thoughtful 12 days of Christmas and this homemade and delicious ginger bread kit was one of the many things we received. So so sweet and generous of our secret santas. Every day we were floored by the thoughtfulness. Man, we love where we live and our friends we have nearby. We never were 100% sure who it was, but I have my suspicions.

Lego building time with Daddy.

We saw the Grinch Christmas Eve and it was ADORABLE! We loved it. 
PICTURE PERFECT! We all LOVED having Russy around. I almost didn't know what to do with myself because he got dinner so often and I hardly cooked. Between eating out and Russy's dinners he'd get us he spoiled us in the food department. But, my favorite times with Russy were walking and talking on the beach with him and playing Psyche a few nights. His definitions cracked me up and I kept psyching him. He picked mine almost every time. I sure love my big brother!

Walmart Late Night shopping trip

All I can say is the stars always align on our late night shopping trips. We took way too many selfies laughing about how I described her smile in high school {her smile like Daisy--had to be there-just to remind myself later when I look at these pictures} and I found the perfect things quickly and magically. Sale on a sweater I've been looking at all season for $6.99, walked in 2 minutes before closing, things like that. Shopping with Mom solo at night is ALWAYS a good idea. And I also learned that apparently my paper towels are no better than cardboard. Thanks Mom! ha! I told her we're lucky we even have paper towels-I feel like I'm splurging to have paper towels at all and sometimes we just don't. She made sure and spoiled us with paper towels like absorbent blankets on our trip. :)


Then off to Houston they went! Now that Bud and Char moved to Houston they took their car from B+C's and came up here first thing and then headed back down to party with them. It was a marathon I'm sure for them-but hopefully a super fulfilling marathon. ;) 

WE LOVE YOUR GUTS!!! WE are already COUNTING DOWN until we get to play and chat and catch up again. There is NOTHING better than family.

Until next time. :)

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