Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jack's 5th Birthday

Jack is F I V E!!!!!
How I love this boy of mine! Jack is the one I NEVER worry about leaving at a friend's house. He's the one who makes friends and can get along with anyone.  He is the master question asker and loves to learn.  Jack is our comic relief and makes us laugh daily.  He is loving and gentle and a straight up sweetheart, always has been.  My favorite thing he does right now is EVERY single day after we've done an activity he'll tell me with all the genuine happiness a kid can muster " THAT was REALLY fun going to the pool today" or "THAT was really fun having a friend over." Every day with anything we do....that sums up this loving boy of mine and I absolutely cannot imagine our family without him.  We kicked off his birthday early last night with a free Grimaldi's pizza birthday coupon...and sure enough last night "THAT was REALLY fun eating pizza for my birthday at the restaurant." He's our grateful, loving, easy going, handsome, smart, and big hearted boy.  What a great oldest brother in our family.  We love you oh so much Jack Eugene. 

Jack requested a POKEMON Bday party and I kept it totally simple, but I planned a couple games and oh my word-these boys {and Sass} were in HEAVEN. 
They did a Pokemon craft and {drum roll} a Pokemon Trainer Challenge Course I quickly made up in the backyard that ended with a Pokemon Punch on the poster I threw together ghetto-ly {yup ghetto-ly}. Seriously, they had me time them again and again. I played the Pokemon theme song and they had to hurry and do everything I told them {run around the playlet 3 x}, pogo stick, etc. and then punch the board when they were done. 
Pure happiness.

And the Pokemon Trainer of the day...... JACK for the win!

And cake-- that's the extent of my cake decorating--ha ha--a box and red and white icing. I'm an overachiever folks. Seriously, for me-that is being an overachiever. ;)
He's so dang handsome, this boy. 

wannabe Pokemon trainer little brother

HOW we love our sweet Jacky boy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

July 2017 Camping at Huaco Springs

We decided that camping in the Texas heat in J-U-L-Y was a smart idea, and guess what? It actually was a B L A S T and no one got dehydrated or passed out of a heat stroke!!!

We discovered that Huaco Springs is VERY popular and kind of a party camping area--so that was different, but the beauty and company made up for the overpopulation.
 I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

So much fun with our favorite Kitchens. We're framily.
Residency would NOT be the same without them. #truth

They had this cute little river/stream thing that kids could float down where we camped-so perfect for the kids when we were eating and prepping and not ready to go to the river.
Love my little family even if I forget to bring Porter's bathing suit. ;) I'm that on top of it of a mom in case you were wondering. lol.
Love them like family!!!

These cute boys are little besties.

My little photographer.


To be honest, I just don't expect to get any sleep camping and then I'm not disappointed. Oliver didn't do bad, BUT he is still a newborn so he still woke up multiple times AND he was disoriented camping so woke up a bit more than usual.....annnnnd Porter screamed his head off for like 30 minutes at least and different campers came offering us medicine. ha! So then we tried to cater to him more and see if we could have him go down before sneaking him in.....{which he never does}. He eventually fell asleep and it was all worth it. We stayed up playing Wizard and cards OF COURSE by the lantern. My fav. NEVER enough cards.

The culprit {of my lack of sleep} looking so innocent....

Too cute!!

Brock and Lis

What I did most of the time-Ollie snuggle. I probably would have zero pictures of me in them if it weren't for Melissa snapping pics while I was holding this boy. She's my right hand girl, always.

Oh my heavens-these boys are too cute I can't even handle it. Love us some Harv and Ports around here.

Ollie has the idea-this is what camping is ALL ABOUT. Chilling...okay, minus packing, set up, and clean up. ;) Got to train them young, and by golly are fam is a bunch of campers and I LOVE that.

In order from beginning to end of Lis and I going down the rapid...yes, I flipped and after debating whether or not to wear my hat it went down stream and I instantly started yelling "MY HAT! My hat!" It's my absolute fav and go-to for years....thankfully a cowboy down the river got it for me. Thank goodness ;)!

Ahhhhh, it just feels good!!!! Braden was in camping heaven.

We are SO glad they brought their tubes because they were SO fun to have...we need to get us some soon because heaven knows we'd use them.

Oh, it just feels good to be outside and to have all the kids playing happily.
So many camping memories over the years and I love them all!
And we sure do love us some Kitchen time-always always. 
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