Thursday, September 1, 2016

10 months young

Porter bug is 10 months old!
Love me some Porter.
The phrase he gets THE MOST lately is "that is one tan baby!"  or "look at his tan!" 
or "that baby has a good tan."
I actually got stopped at our neighborhood pool by a random stranger. 
She approached me and said, "I think I saw you at HEB." 
I said, "Oh. Probably, I am there all the time."
Then she said, "...because I was thinking THAT is the TANNEST baby I've EVER seen!"
HA HA....his famous inner white chunk rolls show off that tan of his. :)
It was a good conversationer starter with a neighbor. :)
Lucky olive skinned boy.
We wear the same sunscreen...don't get it. I can get a tan, but NOT with 30 or 50 sunscreen. 
Lucky boy.

....because how can I choose just one pic?
Porter loves to crawl, get into anything he shouldn't πŸ˜--aka:: BLINDS {hence they're pulled up in picture above}, toilets, trash cans, chords--anything naughty or dangerous, pull himself up on things, swim--water baby πŸ’¦, laugh at Sassy (especially) 
and Jack, put anything in his mouth he can, be anywhere where I am in clear sight πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ❤️πŸ‘©πŸ», eat, occasionally enjoy some Baby Signing time (yay-finally), sleep with his 
binky (πŸŽ‰), have ALL eyes on him. He love love LOVES attention. 
This past month he has added his 2 top teeth to the count (4 total) though the top 2 are barely cut through. He is very low key and easy going (which I did NOT expect his first 3 months of life) πŸ˜…as long as I am nearby. 

He LOVES toys and being around his big brother and big sister roaming around like a BIG kid.
.....and when you can't decide which 2 kids go in the shopping cart, why not all 3?
That's only 100 pounds at least...

Update on the Momma's Boy::
He is STILL majorly in momma only mode.
He clings to me like none of my other kids more. I guess he just loves me more. ;) JK.
I've had 2 friends watch him a couple times and he cried A LOT of the time I was gone....that is why I only let friends babysit/watch because I know he'll be freaking out most ALL of the time and they'll still like me afterwards. ha goal is that slowly, but surely he'll learn he can be calm and secure even when I am NOT in sight with at least my closest friends. My friends have told me that Brightyn takes care of him most of the time and that he calms down when she helps with him. Sweet.
Here's to hoping this momma's boy adds some new confidants to his trust circle. :)
Did I mention he loves putting EVERYTHING in his mouth....can we say playground bark?
Why can't every playground have that bouncy rubber floor stuff? Sigh.
Here he is with bark and dirt all around his face and I was prying out endless amounts in the 2 seconds I set him down to get a picture of Brightyn and Jack playing with friends. 
He is efficient, I'll give him that. And that smirk on his face=priceless. 
"Go ahead Mom, try to stop me."

The saddest thing about this age for me is watching him LOSE his chunk. His legs, arms, even face are thinning out right before my eyes which reminds me he is growing older. 
I better get me some more roll pictures before it's too late.
My baby is growing up and literally feeling LIGHTER and LIGHTER.
Love this sweet, tan, temporarily squishy momma's boy of mine!

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  1. Wow!! Beautifulness ALL THE WAY AROUND!! and that Porter is something else!! ����


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