Sunday, October 16, 2016

My baby is ONE!!!!!

How did this happen? I swear my little baby was JUST born.
Oh, how we love him.....

Here is a whole lot of reminiscing picture style....I just marveled looking through my albums and watching how much Porter, Brightyn AND Jack have each grown throughout this past year.
It made me all teary and sad and happy all at once. 

I genuinely can't believe it! I feel like I'm getting old talking about how quickly time passes.... But, it's true. Let it be known, each picture and memory with these kiddos I treasure so I can relive and remember each phase of their childhood. Porter's 1st year sure has gone fast, but we wouldn't have changed a thing....he's gone from fussy, to low key, to somewhere in-between. :) He's our wild card, but in all honesty, still a great boy.....who just doesn't take a binky and likes to scream. He just likes to scream a lot right now, as in he does it sometimes just for no reason at all. It's a phase, I'm hoping. :)

Anyway, we TRULY adore Porter around here--all of us-- and can't imagine our lives without him.
I feel so dang blessed.

Here goes a lot a bit of Porter celebrating his 1st year of life::
[Mom, bring out the kleenex]

:'( {seems like yesterday}
minutes after being 8 lb baby!

instantly adored by Sass and Jack

She seriously is the 2nd mom around here...sometimes I feel like she takes care of him just as much as me--lol.....seriously, I couldn't do this 3rd baby mom stuff without her around.
 She's such an amazing big sis.
My gang.
limp newborn sleep is the best...and of course his famous chin dimple.

Upper Lip <3 p="">


I could stare at him in my arms all day long.....he was a TOTAL snuggler at the start and slept best in my arms or cuddling.

so precious...

My boys

1st Halloween--he was a really ghetto version of Green Lantern....pinned on a green lantern symbol on B and J's old peepod costume.:') Lol! {2 weeks old}

went to Branson at 2.5-3 weeks old I want to say....yes, I and we are crazy.


my little teletubby in the cold Utah winter in December weather for his blessing day

slap happy


pure pride right there

why hello handsome!

This is kind of fun...
...on second thought....

California Adventures with Daddy

riding the Ferris Wheel at Disney

Meeting Pluto

my travel buddy to my Grandma's funeral...just me and Ports flew to Utah and road tripped to Idaho. Such cherished memories..
Hanging out at Daddy's graduation...

Getting his 1st real room in Texas

....didn't know how he felt about it ;)

This boy LOVES the water.

Camping on the beach.

He's the tan one

Hiking buddy

another "water baby" proof

you're welcome

"Oh so I get mommy to myself for 4 hours?!"

The birthday boy this morning in his birthday jammies all snuggly and flexible. lol.
AND because every shot of him having cake for the first time cracked me up I'm posting a LOT of them.... At first he just smiled and looked at all of us looking at him to dive in and eat and ate up the attention but didn't touch the cake, then he started eating happily after I broke it up.
He LOVED the cake, but did NOT like the ice-cream. He literally spewed it from his mouth {because it was cold maybe??} and did not touch it the rest of the was just a melted puddle by the end. :) So funny how differently they react on their 1st year birthdays.

We love this cake loving, ice-cream hating boy!

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