Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkin Patching......

We kept hearing that Love Creek Orchards Pumpkin Patch was the best one to go to around here, but it was JUST OVER AN HOUR AWAY. Life is kind of crazy right now and Braden is studying for Step 3 so I didn't think we would really swing going, BUT on a whim after Braden studied most of the day Brade said, "are we going to this pumpkin patch or what?" Ha! So, we went without a care in the world and the kids were ecstatic.

Come to find out, they closed 5 minutes before we got there after our hour and five minute drive at 4 o'clock. What? Who closes at 4?! They didn't have any formal activities like when they are open, but people were still roaming and our kids ran around and didn't know what they were missing. We roamed around for a good hour and so did our friends we invited a few minutes behind us. {lesson learned:: Look up the hours FIRST!!}

Cutest 3 pumpkins I ever did see!

There was one tractor ride still going if you paid $1. Since there was no-one to collect money since it was closed and we got to roam free, we let the kids go on a ride and EVEN bought homemade kettle corn. They had such a blast.

Corn maze.....still "open" of course ;) WIN!

How Porter pumpkin patches these days...

Loved seeing this young teenage farm boy entertaining kiddos....I just left telling Brade, "it just seems plain healthy to raise kids on a farm." The kids ran around and just loved this place. Simple life is where it's at.

...A whole bunch of squinting...

Porter testing out the "hay bale tractor."

Sass. ;)


The charm of this place got me.

These cute friends get me. They play together SO well and we even have babies within 2 months. They had such a blast.

She didn't even know I was taking her picture. NOT! ;) This girl is camera ready! ;)

I couldn't get over Owen in his boots and hat. He looked so cute.

Then on our drive home we passed this river so Braden and the Haynie's pulled off too. CLEAR water and the perfect water level to swim in. SO, we did what any other set of responsible parents would do...stripped our kids down to their underwear and let them live it up!

That was of course AFTER Jack accidentally fell in when putting his toes in..... lol. THEN we stripped him down.

This is what me and Porter were doing while the big kids were swimming as the sun was going down. I'm so glad Braden caught this candid shot because I hold Porter like this all the time and it captures motherhood right now. Real life. Love my job.

SUCH a fun and healthy Saturday night with the fam and friends. AND, believe it or not this was the first day that FELT LIKE Jack's baseball game in the morning it started at 45 degrees and then by the heat of the day it was 75 and beautiful. Perfect day for pumpkin patching.....

Keep fall coming Texas!

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