Friday, August 18, 2017

16 Months Old

Porter is 16 months old!
Oh, I can't believe it.
He makes my world go round....and by round I mean CRAZY, but fun and full also.
This boy KNOWS what he wants and TELLS you.

First off, here are some pictures {the 1st 3 that look like they're straight out of a magazine my friend took who is so pro and knows how to use photo shop and such--which I have no idea--anyway, then the rest I took when we were having a photography playdate with our kids and cameras :) }

Braden and I were laughing at this picture--it is so gorgeous of him and his pretty eyes--annnnd we also think he looks a little like a melado child--I promise he is Braden's and I's :)

Here is some 16 month info on baby Ports @16 months::

He is GO-GO-GO


reacts loudly and quickly, but generally recovers fast

loves his brother and sister SO much

does NOT like to share [typical for the age...but add that to his extra verbal aggressiveness it seems a little more intense of not sharing for some reason]


1. DADDY'S BOY:: Porter is OBSESSED with Daddy right now--seriously--he runs from wherever he is if he hears a knock at the door yelling "DADDY DADDY!" [sadly sometimes it is friends and not him at the end of the day]Also {as is traditional in our family with each of the kiddos DADDY can get this boy to LAUGH HYSTERICALLY like no one else can} Porter is ticklish and loves to be thrown and played with. Daddy of course does this best and Porter adores him for it.

2. DECISIVE:: He is one DECISIVE boy. He is not one to roll with the punches if he doesn't like something. He speaks his mind and you know exactly how he feels about everything. It is hillarious, adorable, and sometimes embarrassing depending on where we are. lol. :) But, I wouldn't change it. He is my most opinionated child at a young age and I think what a strength it is to be decisive and have your opinions so early.

3. MISCHIEVOUS:: If you don't hear a sound for a while, this boy is DEFINITELY up to no good. There are no ifs, ands, and buts about it. He is most definitely up to no good. If the bathroom door or pantry door is open for any longer than 30 seconds [no exaggeration] he will be pulling toilet paper across rooms, dumping toys in the toilet, or pulling old food out of the trash in NO time. He is curious and knows just how to find trouble in any room at no time at all.

4. SWEET:: Amidst Porter's dominate personality traits is also a gentle side. He is sweet and loving amidst it all. He ADORES {emphasis on adores} his big brother and sister so much it pulls at my heart strings. He truly is our little sweetheart.

5. VERBAL:: I have noticed recently how verbal Porter really is compared to kids his age. I think it goes with his "know what he wants" tendencies. He expresses himself really well and can say several words and do several signs also.
To name a few::
cracker {DA-duh+sign}
Milk {mee+ sign}
Water {wa wa}
Bottle {ba ba}
Please {peeeeees+sign}
thank you {tang too}

and more I'm sure I am forgetting.

Now to my novice camera skills :) So glad she sent those though--so adorable.

Porter walked around with that bag of goldfish the ENTIRE time we were here {about an hour and a half}.

His serious look.

This boy produces tears pretty easily. He was happy most of the time here, but he teared up once and I apparently forgot to wipe it off {picture below of why he was crying}....
Yes, I did it. I plopped him in the middle of a cool grass field attempting to get a cool looking nature ish shot....Porter was NOT having it. He was only there a total of maybe 20 seconds, but I had to document the moment. :)

Porter is also OBSESSED WITH DOGS. As in, seriously obsessed. This is my lap and it was the first time Porter got genuinely scared of the dogs once they were up close. About 3 very large dogs walked by and Porter anxiously signed and yelled, "Dah, Dah!" However, he changed his mind when they were towering over him in touchable distance to him. I love how he feels safe cuddling with me. I love being a mommy.


All in all, I do NOT know what I would do without my sweet Porter boy. He is a go getter, smart, sweet, LOUD, kind-hearted, loving, determined, and oh so handsome.

I can't believe before we know it he will be a BIG BROTHER!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Exciting and crazy.

How we adore our PORTER ROCK!!!

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