Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Aunt Amber Comes to Town

Amber came visit the day after Christmas for 3 nights. She left 6 of her 7 boys behind and journeyed out to good 'ol San Antonio with baby JJ in hand to see us. 
I felt pretty special and lucky that they came to see us and we made lots and lots of memories.
Look at how cute JJ is

We did our best to show her around the town, while entertaining our kiddos simultaneously on Christmas break.

And, let's just say we did NOT lack for conversation. I had to keep reminding myself to stop talking and entertain the kiddos too instead of just talking to my sis. Ha! It was very healthy for all of us.
And, I couldn't get over seeing our 2 babes together. THE cutest. Porter is working on liking kids his own size.....{oh Porter} slowly but surely.
 There were so fun playing moments.
 Cute, cute boys!!
These pics are basically ALL phone pics and Am's pics because Brightyn was taking lots and she lost her camera. Anyway, I have a few on my real camera but of course I regret not taking more.

Quick summary of things we did::
*Went on a scenic drive to Medina Lake

Because pictures with an abandoned shack are a must.

*Took a snack picnic to the San Antonio temple grounds

Since we were only 2 days after Christmas they still had this  beautiful nativity up.

*Went to the Flea Market downtown

This isn't the flea market...this is some cool building downtown that I am forgetting what it is at the moment. I SO wanted to take pictures of the flea market...I want to every time I go and am too full of kiddos to take my artistic time with pics. Boo. One of these times when I'm with Brade I'll take my nice camera and try to documents it's adorable, cultural, and exciting atmosphere.

This day we WALKED and WALKED around downtown because it was ME driving and parking with Am, not experienced down town driver Braden...ha-so we got some strolling and exploring in for sure. :)
 The vibe of that moment :l + :)

Thankfully, she perked up.

*Walked and ate at the River Walk...and also were sung to by an awesome rapper
"this is to the lady with the stro-lla" {still my favorite memory-loved it!}

*took riverwalk boat tour on riverwalk

*went on a nighttime walk to our neighborhood park {in the dark-the kids thought it was pretty CRAZY and fun}
*Just hung out:: aka-talked nonstop, and ate nonstop {repeat}

Amber also did Sass's hair adorably...keep in mind she has ALL boys and did this cool Brade one day which I have NEVER attempted or at least never attempted successfully enough for her to wear. I need to watch more tutorials and experiment more. :) Brightyn LOOOOVED the attention. :)

And child mug shots with some cool, random effect on Am's camera::
 Baby JJ
Jack. LOL! This expression kills me.
And here are some randomly one night I grabbed my camera pre bedtime of the babes::

Lovin' on her cousin. She's our nurturer. Blurry P in the background can't decide what to think. ;)

Can you see the resemblance in these 2 babes? ha ha.... not so much. They are different kinds of adorable. It looks like I might be married to a Mexican. NOPE, but Brade is part Indian.

Anyway, we had SO SO many fun memories in our short, fun packed trip.

And did I mention Am SPOILED US ROTTEN TOO?? As in got my kids souvenirs at the Flea Market, took us on the Riverwalk tour, and fed us dinner along the river?? Um, yes-she did per Justin's request and that big heart of hers. She was so so generous...but, the most meaningful part was her sacrificing her time to spend time with us and play with my kiddos and chat it up with us.
We love "Aunt Amber!"
So fun making memories with you.

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