Monday, July 31, 2017

JAN 2017 CRUISE with my man

I still can't believe we really did this. Left our 3 kids and went on a vacation and spent money on a vacation for US and DID it!! I suppose that's a testament to how important we found this couple time to be amidst residency craziness...and it was OH so worth it. 

I loved sleeping in till I woke up....sadly, I couldn't sleep past 8:30-lol....buuuut, that's still later than usual. I take that back, the last day I think we slept until 9. Anyway, I also loved having food available and ready without me cooking it or smelling and preparing was JUST what I wanted an so appreciated this pregnancy. And, most of all having quality time with Braden was SO worth it. I got to re-meet non stressed Braden. It was a fulfilling reunion.

Here is a PHOTO DUMP to document the fun goodness.

BUT, pre cruise we had a little obstacle and that was the boat was FOGGED IN!!! AHHH! Can you believe it? We had already left our kiddos at Lis's house and drove to Galveston when we found this, they kept delaying and delaying until we learned they would not leave until the following day and they shorted us a day of cruise and a location. Boo! We were super sad, but did the best to enjoy our little night in Galveston. We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp and walked through shops and barely got a hotel in Kemah because so many cruise ships were stuck in fog. It was serious....they were not overreacting, you literally could NOT see.

Proof--and this was barely in front of us. We couldn't even see across the street. It was bad and untimely.
Insert extremely disappointed Braden above. We both were, but Brade was especially bummed out...not his best 1st cruise ever intro.

Here we are in Kemah in better spirits after staying the night in a hotel {with complimentary hot breakfast may I add}

We took a little walk around the boardwalk the morning we got the news we could board the cruise ship. Alleluia! 

Annnnnnd we made it on the ship!!!! So funny story, I was 5 months pregnant and literally I was TO THE DAY in the guidelines allowed to go onboard....however I missed in the paperwork--apparently the deadline was 2 weeks before the day we left which I didn't see until a couple days before--AHHH!! IT was super stressful. If you didn't do it before it said they could not let you aboard, I said I wasn't pregnant because I couldn't risk them not allowing me on board. I felt horrible about it, but couldn't risk them not allowing me on. I did get paperwork signed by my doctor though and had it in my bag in case something happened or suspected once I was on. I just had it too late. Anyway, later I met another pregnant gal who had all her paperwork in on time and she said they barely let her I guess I'm glad I kept that little secret. :) Thankfully I'm tall so I could sneak in with no suspicion. #longtorso

Wo, hello arm....I can see what my arm will look like at around 70. Yikes! lol.

So fun watching the playoffs on the boat the night we got to take off.
Lots of football fans in this great state, so it was a party! And that big screen at night on the water was perfections. {in hot tubs and pool with breeze}

I can't express as a mom how much I appreciated all the food-breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and unlimited ice-cream cones at my disposal with no effort at all on my part. This seriously was one of THE best parts of the vacation for me--any pregnant mommas dream. :)

It's the little things.

The one stop we went to was Cozumel. We went there on our honeymoon for a day, so it was fun to be back again.
I failed to mention we rode the Carnival Valor. It was the most affordable and was kind of a party ship which was fun...we hit up the dance club {yup, multiple times}, comedy shows, dance shows, karaoke, went down the water slide on top, swam, hot tubbed {okay, my pregnant self put my feet in as I watched the late night movie and football game}, sat in these amazing round couch seats on the edge, it was great!

First stop was walking the shops-getting overpriced sunglasses for Brade that we later found for 1/2 the price at a shop outside of town {boo}, souvenirs for the kiddos, and a fish spa for me! [us]
Seriously, our feet felt like baby's bums after these fish nibbled all the dead skin off. I know, sounds gross yet amazing and it was! And apparently fish spas are the only spas I can afford- My 1st spa experience ever and I loved it. Next time Mexico.

 Per our "excursion" we took a catamaran out and did some snorkeling which ended on a little beach with a bunch of water toys and blow ups to play on. Doctor gave me the O-K to play on all of them, pregnant and all-so I totally did the slides and everything. {SHHHh} My doctor may have wanted me to have some fun with him too-ha, but I still was careful of course. So much fun... and we paddle boarded which was fun. That's as water sporty as I get. lol.

The couples that snorkel together stay together!
Love that hottie of mine.

It was the perfect weather once we left the port-sunshine, blue sky, and water for miles in every direction.

I spy Braden on the paddle board....

Here we are with our new friends we met and shared our table with every night for dinner. They were the sweetest couple (and were the reason we knew to try out the fish spa we ventured to). Seriously, they are couple goals for us. Loved talking with them every night.

Braden and I watched the sunset on the top of the boat every night. So dang gorgeous.

Well, let me just say it was SO refreshing going on a vacation just Braden and I. We haven't done that since our honeymoon and man, it was worth every cent. And my amazing friend Melissa and Brock watched our kids and I didn't worry about them for one second. They had a blast and bless their big hearts!!! They're amazing and we just love them for making this trip happen for us.

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