Friday, August 18, 2017

February 2017 in Phone Pics

So basically February was made up of::

  1. a fun-filled BEACH DAY with the fam-I can't say how much we LOVE living a couple hours from the beach. It gives us built in day trips when we just need a break from life! We flew kites, had s'mores and hot dogs on the fire for dinner, swam, built castles, and then came home. And, you may or may not have noticed that is THE ONLY picture of the mister in this collage? WHY? My picture obsession has worn on him over the years so I have to sneak my pictures of him usually...anyway, I'm happy I got that cute one in. ;)

  2. Fun at the Children's Museum! We got our 1st Children's Museum membership and we are LOVING having a "free" [now that we bought the membership ;) ] place to go where the kiddos can just be kids and be happy.

  3. CAVITIES!! Ahhhh!!! My kids have always steered clear of cavities so I have always been pretty laid back when it comes to flossing UNTIL last month. Sass didn't have any, but J had 2 and 3 potential ones in the future. AH!!!! I am now the flossing nazi. :)

  4. Date night with my man for Valentine's Day- LA LA LAND {love} and our annual Valentine's Cheesecake Factory date. It did NOT disappoint. [the movie or the food] Soo good, and we didn't even get cheesecake.

  5. Fun at school for the kiddos including THE BIKE RODEO {we are in Texas after all}--they have a little practice obstacle course to practice steering, driving in straight lines, circle, slowly, etc. [a creative and fun way to encourage bike safety] Sass+J did a great job-- J was the only preK-er to ride his bike without training wheels {woot, woot}. He looked especially small and adorable next to the bigger kids and bikes...and I am especially fond of his flame helmet Mrs. Claus picked out for him a couple Christmas's back. :) + CAREER DAY- J was none other than an orthopedic surgeon :) and B was a teacher and a mommy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and we didn't even tell them to be those things. ha! We loved it, of course.+CHARACTER DRESS UP DAY-Meet Cinderella and Peter Pan.

  6. I gave Sassy and one of her besties a make-over. They lit up and felt as pretty as they always are. Honestly, I never put make up on Sassy and I LOVE make up and eye shadow [let's be real] so it was a win/win/win.

  7. I got these fake glasses on Amazon for $9 to fulfill my "I've always wanted glasses" fill; buuuuuuuut, they ended up looking more like reading grandma glasses which wasn't what I was going for. Ha! However, I still find an excuse to wear them randomly for a change of pace. :)

  8. Growing belly--definitely the LARGEST I've been any baby so far....I guess it's true what they say, every baby your body knows the drill and stretches out quicker?? Or something...... that combined with no gym membership this time around , going on a cruise, and chasing a baby instead of working out regularly may have something to do with it also. Meh! It is what it is, I try not to obsess over it. I'm just plain grateful for a healthy growing baby.

  9. New art kit from Grandma the kids are obsessed with.

  10. And to sum up the rest:: J and I's regularly 1:1 times after school while P is sleeping [sometimes involves using Scrabble blocks to build Who-ville with the Christmas tree in the middle and everyone around it and the Grinch's cave], playing with friends in the backyard [February here is the equivalent of May in most places], Sassy with her proud Valentine's box, Porter's hilarious selfie, my favorite latest book--Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up--obsessed-changing my life, the Young Women and I decorating a new YW's driveway [it rained later that night-lol], annnnnnnd early morning scripture study which has made me feel energized and prepared for the day I have loved doing this past month.

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