Tuesday, August 1, 2017

January Campout at Garner State Park

We got back from our cruise and immediately went camping to Garner State Park days after being home. What can I say? We love memory making and camping. Camping runs deep in my blood, and Mr. Outdoors of course loves camping too. Makes for a happy fam.... and by happy fam I mean everyone but Portsies. He was not having it.....he hasn't bonded with camping quite yet. 4/5 is a pretty good ratio though. ;)

Can we say coolest tree ever?

We had the campground to ourselves with the river nearby and Texas "mountains" ;) behind us. It was gorgeous...and it was a cool, crisp morning just enough to wear hoodies and feel just right. My kind of weather. January camping did not disappoint....

But, then the sun comes out and jackets are off and it was just right weather. We all went on one hike--again, Porter's feelings are evident. 
And then the big kids and Brade went on another more rigorous one while baby in utero and cranky Ports hung out at the campground and NAP to make up for one LONG night.

Thankfully a stranger took their pic at the top for my personal fulfillment and our documentation. :)

Of course Porter JUST started having fun right when we were packing up the tent to get ready to leave. Ha! He sensed it was almost all over. :) 

Next time we're going to camp when the paddle boats are up and running. Love this crazy camping crew.

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