Meet the Family

Well, since I know me and Brade are the beginning of our little fam-here's how our little family got started::
About the Mr. and Mrs::
*We met at Brigham Young University our freshman year.
*He quickly became my best friend.
{he's a good listener, I'm a good talker...he's a spiritual giant, I want to be...we hit it off}
*He left on a LDS 2 year mission to Vladivostok, Russia.
*We wrote for 2 years and fell even more in love.
*He came back.....

{this is me signing "time"--as in, "it's ABOUT time" about to go get him at the airport with him family}
yes, I was stoked...
and a picture of "the handshake" at the airport for your viewing pleasure...oh the awkwardness!

*He proposed.
*I said yes!
*Best decision I ever made.

We both graduated from BYU--woot, woot.
Braden just graduated this last May from University of Oklahoma Medical School!
And, then we matched to our #1 choice for residency in Orthopedic Surgery at UT San Antonio.

.....and now 81/2 years later, here we are with baby #4 is in the oven due in May :)
There's our family journey in a nutshell.

Here we are starting now and going backwards each year of marriage. Love my little family, especially the man who I get to have by my side through it all.
Married 8 year {2016}

 Married 7 years {2015}
Married 6 years {2014}

Married 5 years {2013}

Married 4 years {2012}

Married 3 years {2011}

Married 2 years {2010}

Married 1 year {2009}


 Engaged as of June 15, 2008

2005, the year we met {babies}

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  1. i love this! so so cute, i was just thinking about trying to do something different with our blog, i'm so bored with it


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