Blog Title?? So, I used to ask my daughter years ago if she loves something or wants to do something "a little bit" or "a lot a bit." That phrase stuck and so I decided to name my blog "A Lot a Bit of Love."

NOW here's
A little about ME::

 I truly consider myself a blogger now.... I've always loved journaling and now I get to do that WITH pictures, and we call it blogging! :) I've blogged since a few days after we were married 8.5 years ago so it is pretty second nature for me. I've been told that I write like I talk, and that is DEFINITELY true....I talk and type incessantly, and I am an open book!
 I love to write about my family and my life day-to-day so I can remember what I'm learning and to capture those fleeting moments that I don't want to fly out of my grasp just that quickly.... I also like to motivate myself to actually accomplish random crafts and hobbies by doing a tutorial or two every 871928371 months, lol. :)

More about me::
I love milkshakes
no bake cookies
goal setting
going on dates with the Mr.
self help books on occasion
playing the piano
my neglected crafts
chips and salsa
being a mom
trying new things
attempting to decorate my very first home
snuggling with my baby
playing, dancing, and singing with my little girl
laughing at my son's jokes
cooking {when I'm in the mood}
serving when I can
cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix with my man
saving money
and shopping.....oh the irony!

As mentioned on my main page, this blog is for everything I love....
and, let's be honest....
the majority of my joy and love stems from these loves of mine::

My sassy 6 year old, my loving, hard-working, HANDSOME husband, 
 my sweet little 4 year old boy, and my little handful 1 year old.

1 comment:

  1. your little family is perfection mandy. seriously though

    and that first picture is my all time favorite of the three of you


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